Sugar Pine Cabin
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Foresthill, CA  95631

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Frequently Asked Questions

How close is your cabin to Yosemite?

Although the northern border of Yosemite Park is nearby, the park may only be entered from the west or east.  The trip to the west park entrance is approximately 80 miles. The drive is scenic and unless you are making a beeline for the park, you will likely want to stop in Sonora, Jamestown or Groveland.  All three have outstanding restaurants and some great shopping.  Once you reach the park entrance, it is another twenty or thirty minutes to the valley floor.  

A day trip through Tioga Pass (when open) is possible, returning to the cabin via Sonora Pass (just north of Bridgeport).  You will see some impressive scenery in a part of the park that is not as crowded as the valley floor.  Additionally, you will pass through Lee Vining at Mono Lake, and historic Bridgeport.  On your return trip, if it is still light, you will be impressed by the scenery of Sonora Pass.

If you are staying during the summer for a week, Bodie is a well-advised trip and worth the drive.  It is located east of SR-395 just south of Bridgeport.   

How close is your cabin to Pinecrest Lake/Dodge Ridge?

Pinecrest and Dodge Ridge are 15 to 16 miles away from the cabin.

There is access to a private lake.  Can we water ski there?

The lake is only two to three acres in size and is essentially a swimming/fishing lake. Pinecrest, though much larger, also cannot be skied.  Nearby New Melones, Tulloch, and Don Pedro, however, are great for skiing. 

How many people will fit in your cabin?

The cabin will sleep 15.  There is additional room for air mattresses, etc, and we do not charge for additional guests or "per-person."  However, the cabin has only a standard water heater and 2.5 baths.  Large groups become problematic as the water heater may not keep up with all of the water demands.  Also, the number of bathrooms may be inadequate for larger groups.

For large groups, we would advise renting an additional cabin nearby.  There are many available on the internet. 

The cabin is approximately 2,300 square feet.  (estimated)

Why do you charge a cleaning fee?  Can I clean myself to avoid the cleaning charge?

The charge is for the actual cost of cleaning.  We do not incorporate the cleaning charge into the price of the cabin, as those staying longer would be charged more.  The cleaning cost is normally the same regardless of the length of stay.  We use a professional cleaning service, PJ and Associates, and have been very pleased with their quality. 

We do not allow guests to clean in lieu of the cleaning charge for a number of reasons. We also live several hours away and cannot verify the cleanliness without a third party. The rate is reasonable and considering the cabin's size, it is money well-spent.   We use their services for each of our visits as well. 

We recommend PJ and Associates to any cabin owners in the area.  We have received many positive comments from our guests and have found they are extremely reliable.

What does the cleaning charge include?

Basic cleaning of the cabin is included.  Bedding/laundry is extra and typically handled by the guest.  We do include bedding in the cabin, but the cost of labor to launder and make eleven different beds is prohibitive.  You may use our bedding or provide your own.  If you do use our bedding, you will be responsible for laundering and folding the bedding.  Prior arrangements for cleaning of sheets, etc by the cleaning service is possible, and must be made prior to the rental.

Towels are also available, with the same stipulation.  Please wash and return what you use.

Cleaning of the oven and the barbecue are not included.  We hope that you will clean these if you wish to use them, and rely on the good faith of our guests to maintain them.  If you anticipate heavy use of either, the cleaning of these items can be arranged at a very reasonable cost.    

You indicate no pets.  My dog is house-trained and well behaved.  Will you make an exception?

Sorry, we adhere to this for a number of reasons.  Many people specifically rent "no pet" cabins due to allergies, etc.  Don't worry, there are many well-maintained and large cabins in the area that will accept pets, just narrow your search parameters.  We do not make exceptions for pets.

What is the neighborhood like?  

The neighborhood is 50/50 full-time and seasonal residences.  The parcels are approximately a half acre in size.  We maintain a good relationship with our neighbors and have many repeat guests.  If you are looking for a place to have a family reunion, a getaway with friends, or a summer vacation, this is the place.  If you're looking for a place to host an all-night bachelor party, you may wish to choose a place that is slightly more isolated.

That's not to say you can't have fun.  Just refrain from playing George Michael's greatest hits at 120 decibels at 2 am.  Believe me, it's not your questionable taste in music, I just want to keep my neighbors happy.

Can I stay longer or arrive earlier than the check-in/check-out times?

Yes, but only if another party is not scheduled to arrive or depart on the same date. The cleaning service needs the five hour window to turn the cabin around.  Please make arrangements with us prior to your arrival so that we may schedule the cleaning for the adjusted hours.  And no, we do not charge you for them.

What services are nearby?  

Within walking distance is a restaurant and coffee shop, as well as a service station/mini mart.  Within 3 miles is downtown Twain Harte with its many restaurants, shops, and grocery store.  Within 12 miles is Sonora, with theatres, a hospital, fast food, and even a Wal-Mart.  But you're not coming up here for that, are you?

How hot does it get in the summer time? 

July and August are the hottest months and temperatures will usually fall about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the valley floor (Modesto or Stockton).  Temperatures are typically in the mid 90's on the hottest days.

Will there be snow at the cabin?

Well, I can't really answer that.  Certainly not if you're going in July.  But yes, the cabin does get snow in the winter.  At 4,500' of elevation, the colder storms can bring a couple feet of snow, but only 8-10" is typical.  And it will disappear after a couple of weeks.  Don't worry.  You will likely have permanent winter snow just a few miles up the road.  Besides, who wants to shovel the driveway anyway?

How do I reserve the dates I want?

Contact us via email or phone.  Provide us a name or names the rental agreement will be made out to.  Provide us arrival and departure dates.  We will send you a rental agreement electronically.  For dates more than thirty days away, just the security deposit is required.  For dates falling within thirty days, the full amount is due.   

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